Wedding in Matera

wedding matera


To make big steps  we must not only act, but also dream. Not only plan, but also believe. (A. France)


Today we are on Green Wedding shoes and we are full of happiness!


We want to tell you all about it!!


I wanted to believe, and I believed firmly to the point of seeing everything shining around and inside me. I knew that Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019, would be an unusual destination. Yes, just so extraordinary and magical but, let me, I never thought I would feel like a bottle of sparkling water that is going to be open after being agitated for a while!

Here I am again at home, in my little nest on the Lake of Como, I sit down and I have a drink  while observing all those sparkling bubbles in my glass, I cannot help myself  on retrace the fantastic experience recently lived together with a fantastic team.

I think back to that singular sky that seemed to have argued with who knows what divine essence that only Matera has been able to give me.

Then to the surrounding Murge and those ‘ infinite ‘ stones overloaded with history, it would be more correct to say pre-history, which brought me back to mind that beautiful Mel Gibson who right here set “The Passion of Christ”.

Certain! He also had to give himself a great deal to have shot the entire film in Latin and, I am sure, after that he probably had some bubbles too!

Here in Matera, I really felt my fearless heart! I let out all the passion I had for all the little details. I wanted to play with clay turning it into participations, in plates with the names of the guests carved in and the menus that you see on the table.

And everything was hand painted!

I stole the blue of that sky and I transformed it, together with my super creative team, in thousand different shades giving color to linen fabrics (that you see on the table too).

In front of that wild and untamed nature, furthermore, I could not give up the flowers and branches of Murges plants, putting them in contrast with the bright colors of European flowers. Yes, I just wanted that people could notice that intense nature that left me open-mouthed.

A set of colors and scents were inserted in small antique amphorae, (oh yes, the place claimed them) the same that, in bigger version, were used for the wedding ceremony.

Now, throw an eye on the bride and her boudoir.

Close your eyes and try to imagine the magnificent feeling that you can try in preparing the bread, wearing that mise; a bread that encloses a long tradition and which requires the drawing of a symbol, the rooster, through a stamp that for the occasion was made by a local artisan.

Only on special days, where everything is possible, you can experience extraordinary moments like these.

So, are you ready to retrace this journey of pure and real amazement with us? Do you like this new wedding destination that we discovered?

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Floral Design Chiara Sperti
Stationery Artiamo
Jewelry  My golden age
Artigianato locale Emanuele Mancini
Men Suit Linneo
Hair piece Guinevere Vines
Bride Dress Lucarini