Benevent cares so much about the Mise en Place!
Set up the tables, decorate, enrich, embellish, adorn them: … wait what?
The table for your event, elopement or wedding of course!
The “Mise en place” that we will create for you it will have to be unique, original and it will be unforgettable.


Details that will make your wedding something similar to an art work, to live and to enjoy together with your guests and invited guest, active characters of a special day: not just for you, but for them as well.
We will study the different spaces, layouts, tablechoth,, napkins, glasses, cutlery. We will figure out new schemes, we will revolutionalize the “Galateo”.
How? Guaranteeing “Bon Ton” and remaining loyal to the label, even with the most formal wedding.

We will design a layout that will be personalized and customizable!

We will work with floral designers, we will combine colors and aromas, materials and shapes. We will follow the style chosen by our spouses to get a set up that is perfect and can represent their personality and the details they’ve chosen.
Minimal, elegant, extreme, bohemian, modern, retro, classic, green, shabby, urban: your table will be really personalized! 
From us, with you, for a perfect convivial!

Embroidery, centerpieces, placeholders, candles, telerie, flowers, chairs, menus: everything will be interpreted and adapted, made pleasant and arranged so that diners and spouses, can consider it a further attention and indispensable gift to make the food offered and the time shared even more pleasant.
Aesthetically in equilibrium with the chosen location, the “Mise en place” will be in harmony and it will bring out the chosen courses.

We firmly believe that a well-laid table will help by adding magic and atmosphere to your event.
It’s really hard to explain how a banquet works, but is even more complicated to express in words the emotions that a cooked meal  can give, if shared with those one we love and especially if in a beatiful place.

elopement matera

So we will leave here some pictures for you to see of our “Mise en Place”!
And we will stay here in the meantime, always full of new and creative ideas, trying to create a new table!

Follow us. Contact us. Ask us. Tour wedding. This is what we love to do: organizing your wedding or event!