We all know that even weddings follow the  trends and this 2017 is proposing many fashionable and innovative ideas.Outdoor and informal receptions. A variety of colors, the same that we can find in the fashion area in where stands out the green greenery and the emerald color, and then the turquoise in all it shades. But we know that you are demanding and your personality is really strong.That’s why you won’t be satisfied in staying abreast with all the steps, but you want to make sure, at all costs, that you’ll have a perfect and unique day, your personal day, thatawaits for you. And when we say “personal day” we mean that your life’s most beautiful day will also have represent you in the most absolute way. Would you ever think to introduce yourself to someone with a name that is not yours?


And then try to remove all the tendency images from your head and try to think about the color that you like the most, that gives your body and head harmony. Do you really want that dress and those participations? What about the table? Do you really think that those flowers can really represent who you are? You can now, through an harmonious thread, tie shapes and colors all together as you like it, you can play with materials and free the imagination that’s in you, because that day will be unrepeatable!

And if you’ll have some understandable doubts, we will here ready to direct you, just where that wire wants to take you. When you’ll find yourself watching over the years the photos of those unique days, we are certain that you will be confident in the idea that you have done something that really came from your heart.

The satisfaction of you, being the “true tendency”, will never be taken away from anybody.

Text by Vanessa Proietti

P.H Margherita Calati